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Bird Feeders 101: How to Choose the Perfect Feeder for Your Backyard

Bird watching is a fun and rewarding hobby for many nature enthusiasts. If you’re looking to attract birds to your backyard, then a bird feeder is an essential tool that you need to invest in. But with so many different types of bird feeders available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the …

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The Best Places to Hang Your Bird Feeder for Maximum Bird Watching

If you’re a bird lover, you know that hanging a bird feeder can be a great way to attract feathered friends to your yard. But where should you hang it? The location of your bird feeder can make a big difference in the number and variety of birds that visit. Here are some tips to …

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Easy to Make Bird Feeders

Right now is the perfect time of year to do indoor projects geared for the outside. It helps us know that spring is right around the corner and also gives us a sense of making the world a little bit brighter by adding some color. Creating some easy bird feeders are a great way to …

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