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How to Attract Robins to Your Garden

Are you a nature lover who enjoys the sweet melodies of birds chirping in the morning? If so, you may be interested in attracting robins to your garden. These small, plump birds are known for their beautiful songs and distinctive appearance. Attracting robins to your garden is easier than you might think, and it can …

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American Robin

One question many people might have about the American Robin is this: is there another kind of robin that is not American? I will come back to the answer in just a bit. The American Robin is one of the most familiar birds, indeed, to Americans. They nest in yards from coast to coast. Connecticut, …

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The Robin – Our First Sign of Spring

The other day another teacher and I were talking about robins. My friend is from Alabama. I said to her, “Well, up here, when we see a robin, we know spring is not far behind.” In reply, Gail said, “Come on, Robins!” There have been some years when the robins have not left this part …

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