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The Brilliant Scarlet Tanager: Exploring the Vibrant World of North America’s Most Stunning Bird

Step into the vibrant world of North America’s most stunning bird, the brilliant scarlet tanager. With its fiery red plumage and black wings, this remarkable bird is a true showstopper. Its vibrant colors make it easily recognizable and a favorite among birding enthusiasts. The scarlet tanager, also known by its scientific name Piranga olivacea, is …

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Northern Cardinal Watching

The Northern Cardinal is a backyard favorite of many bird watchers. This popular bird lives in the Eastern parts of the United States. Because of the male’s bright red color, they are perhaps the most colorful visitors we have who eat at our bird feeders and swim in our birdbaths in local yards. Some believe …

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Northern Cardinal

This beautiful bird is a year-round resident in the East and Midwest and a frequent visitor for sunflower seeds at winter feeders. It is unmistakable with its bright red plumage and crest. The female is duller but with reddish tinge. The area behind the beak is black, while the beak itself is red. It derives …

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